May. 23rd, 2018

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week one
sunday; shitting bricks. omega.
monday; casual blood oaths. hunters meeting.
wednesday; just three dudes in a room sitting five feet apart. dirk and jake.
friday; adachi was a dick. chie.
saturday; ok but ballerina. dipper.
sunday; well that happened. jake.
sunday; i brought you mur. light.

week two
monday; this job has free dental. hunters meeting.
monday; useless homosexual. dirk.
tuesday; this is like a cult hangover. kaito.
tuesday; roommate trouble. omega.
tuesday; it's the beginning of the week guys. hunters.
saturday; pls learn to lie better. dipper.
saturday; same as above. chie.
sunday; at least we got ice cream. clementine.
sunday; less of a dick than you could have been. kaiba.

week three
monday; prayer circle. hunters meeting.
tuesday; jaylock holmes. mira.
tuesday; goddammit light. hunters.
tuesday; reading rainbow. hunters.
wednesday; i can explain. jake.
thursday; team bonding. hunters.
friday; they rather be dead. chie and dipper.
friday; winner of the strider games. dirk.
saturday; we fucked up. hunters.
saturday; unsatisfactory. knoll.
saturday; my little cannibal. saya.
saturday; this bitch. girge.
sunday; that could have gone better. hunters.
sunday; how are they getting along. dipper.
sunday; that's rough buddy. jake.
sunday; one single feeling. chie.

week four
monday; prop. hunters meeting.
monday; come on and slam. hunters, kaiba, and light.
tuesday; dipper screaming in the distance. chie and dipper.
tuesday; mirror mirror. dipper and andersen.
wednesday; kill bill sirens. hunters and girge.
wednesday; we may have fucked up. hunters.
thursday; sorry murderdad. hunters and craftly.
thursday; it only cost an arm and a leg. andersen.
friday; i'm making waffles. hunters and akira.
friday; the shady bunch. hunters and prophets.
saturday; a tiny lush. andersen.
saturday; walkie talkies are cool. clementine.
saturday; jay's a homestuck now. jake.
sunday; bye killiance. chie.
sunday; this is a goddamn shitshow. prophets meeting.
sunday; return of the blue gremlin. andersen.
sunday; finally he gets his brows done. hajime.

week five
monday; craftly hates his step-children. hunters meeting.
monday; honey i ate the kids. dipper, mabel, and chie.
monday; very shock much gasp. percival, hajime, and andersen.
monday; the hotel rooms are too small for this. hunters, prophets, and andersen.
wednesday; the twins beat up an assassin. dipper and mabel.
wednesday; one armed fucker. hunters and prophets.
wednesday; why won't any of these ppl kill jay. chie.
thursday; no longer an honorary homestuck. jake.
friday; so something not that chill happened last night. hunters and prophets.
friday; ok well our bad dude. light.
friday; but why isn't the tea poison. andersen.
friday; bring a knife to a scalpel fight. dipper.
friday; protect mabel at all costs. mabel.
saturday; ha ha awkward. hunters, light, and kaiba.


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