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week 5, monday

[ some time after dipper and mabel have been found and have received medical treatment, the four of them will end up in chie's room. it's convenient since she's the only one without a roommate, thanks kaiba.

once they're all inside, jay will immediately look at the twins. ]

What happened?

[ is his voice slightly more gentle than it usually is when he's addressing them??? no you're just imagining it. ]
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[dipper's first reflex is a deadpan:] A spider ate our faces. [since he was. very clear about that. but he stops being an ass immediately, since he knows what jay actually means and just ... squeezes mabel's hand because wow they are not letting go of one another for some reason]

I don't know. The... hands took us, and when we woke up we were already in that spiderweb.
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[hopefully the pizza smell has aired out of the room by the time they all congregate in there.

where jay might be subtle with his maybe-caring, chie is the polar opposite. she makes no effort to hide how relieved she is that the twins are alive, and how concerned she's been for their continued safety. she can't help but chime in, though...]

N-not to interrupt your story, Dipper, but... speaking of the hands. I asked Craftly about them before, right after the first execution. All he told me were that they were... "the graveyard staff." Now that we know they're people—or they were—do you guys think...?
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...Basically. And then the bad stuff happened.

[very specific, Mabel]

[she is also not letting go of Dipper's hand, but she did snag some pizza which she is eating one handedly]

Mmmmaybe... it's the dead people who sold their souls?
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[oh, that reminds him-- he did use his telescope before being spidernapped]

It's probably what Jay said. There were hands in the lake too, just sort of... reaching out.
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Talk about a terrible way to spend the afterlife...

[she takes a moment to look at all three of them. geez, how morbid.]

What are the chances of any of us making it to the last three?