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week 4, sunday

[ jay's default mood on the weekends is Badâ„¢, but the most recent trial did not help matters. the execution was worse, because of how it ended.

he's walking through the lobby, heading for the exit, when he spots hajime. he pauses. ]

Has anyone seen them yet? [ mabel and dipper, he means. he's pretty sure the answer is going to be no but he's gotta ask. ]
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[ the hallway is mostly empty, save for two bodies. she hasn't spoken to jay much, but she rode on a theory that suspected him. she sees the familiar head of hear and tiny eyebrows, and nods with a soft smile. hajime is...

drawing on a faceless man's face. at his question, she shakes her head and draws two knitted eyebrows over the eyes she's doodled. ]

No. I'm sorry. But, ummm. I think they're safe, because Dipper's a good hero.
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[ um. ]

Are you okay?
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I just wanted to see what you'd say.

[ snark wasn't unexpected. ]

It's normal to find something to keep you stable, even now... I think I'm okay. Wounds and all!

I don't think you set the fire, by the way.
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Ummm, well, actually... You don't need matches to light up the oven, I think?!

[ hajime caps the marker. ]

It has a timer in it. You put the charcoal in and leave the fluid in and it might cause an explosion. The heat should be enough with the charcoal, probably...

You just ended up being an easy target. We didn't really compare your hair, either, so we can't say it's your's entirely!!! The oompa loompa's just headstrong and rude.

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Ah! Right there!!

[ she'd point but. she can't make suddenly jerky movements anymore, which makes playing hajime weird, ]

Can you make that expression again!?
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Your lip twitched! Make it twitch again.

[ she's so demanding? ]
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Maybe after you show me your smile.
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[ yes, jay is so cute. look at that smile. it's brilliant, radiant. the purest thing imaginable. but... it's missing something! that beauty is marred, somehow... what is it? ]

Hmmm... Almost? It's kind of weird looking, actually.

[ she unpops the marker again. ]
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[ she's stepping closer.... ]

Can you lean down a little? I can't reach.
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[ it's a shaky hand that raises. she winces a little, but perseveres. apparently this means a lot to her - there isn't a lot of opportunities here to make things cute.

and then, slowly but surely..........................

she sharpies in jay's eyebrows.

they are on Fleek ]
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Oh, I did your eyebrows for you. You're actually kind of handsome with them!
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You're cute without them, but with them, it's kind of like... Bam! Spotlight!!

[ is she ignoring him or just stupid. WHO KNOWS. ]

Can I do your brows for you tomorrow, too?
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[ in that case, to the bathrooms they'll go! hajime gestures with her head, nodding toward the nearest one. ]

The mirrors are pretty clean, actually! You wouldn't think so, would you? Bathrooms aren't always the nicest.
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Why would I joke about something cute?

[ aren't you handsome, jayjay. aren't you? ]

They're sparse and that has it's own charm, but it's fun to draw them in, too!
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Yeah! It's a little more new to some people but it goes waaaaaaaay back? But some people don't do it. It's up to you whichever you do, I think.