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week 4, thursday

[ sometime thursday evening, but before curfew, jay is going to track down andersen. when he does find him, he will pull him aside to some remote corner.

whatever he has to talk about is obviously very urgent since he doesn't even give the dude a chance to ask what's going on before he blurts out, ]

You might have to cut off your legs.
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[What the fuck.]

You're the second person to demand this from me today.
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[He slips his hand into his pocket, eyes narrowing.]

Unless you give me a reason to listen, I'm going to walk away. Be direct. Don't waste my time. Outside of being utterly disgusting, what is the issue here?
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[... ah. So that's why Jay was so urgent. Andersen doesn't remove his hand from his pocket but he does relax a bit.]

How do you know this?
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[He takes in the sight of the stitches without flinching, listening closely to what Jay was saying.

At last, he sighs, long and loudly.]

Did Craftly say this applied to any body parts that grew on us?
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[He's beginning to understand the gravity of the situation now. Even so--]

You're asking a big favor from me. [Spying or not, he's not keen to the idea of being a near-torso.] You'll have to give me until tomorrow to think about it.
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... if amputation really is necessary, I might ask you to do it.
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Do you feel as though you're a target, Jay?
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[It's a situation that leaves Andersen extremely unhappy. He hates being forced into corners like this -- even more when it's matter of picking between two bad choices. The idea of losing limbs isn't that upsetting to him. It's more the fact that he's essentially crippling himself to be of little to no use.


He sighs.]

Thank you. When I've reached my decision, I'll reach out to you.
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Should I be glad that you're so creative in dealing with my little... problem?
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You think I want sympathy? What the use of garnering sympathy if I'm nothing but a torso!
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[Very, very dryly:]

The second floor.
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[He squints at Jay.]

We aren't close enough for you to touch me. Put your hand down.
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[He can sense that, which is why he's being just as shitty back.]

We're dropping like flies and you want me to be polite? You'll have to earn that right, first.
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If that were true, I should've died at 25.

[Who knows? Some people were good at playing the sympathy card. And Andersen knows the inclusion of children is sure to cause a crisis. How soon that crisis will descend... either way, he doesn't look forward to it.

Andersen studies Jay.]

Tell me. What's most important to you in this game?

[It's out of the blue and he doesn't expect Jay to give him a fully honest answer. Who would, given the stakes? But it's still something he wants to throw out in order to test the waters.]
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[Andersen's expression is blank, with no cues as to his intentions.]

And how far would you go to survive, Jay? Would you do so even at the cost of others?
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[It begins softly. A quiet snicker that grows into a full-belly chortle. Andersen stands up straighter, hand on his hip. At last, the mask has fallen away to reveal a mixture of emotions: mirth and amusement, as though Jay has told him a great story with an excellent punchline.]

So that's the sort of person you are. Or at least, the person you're presenting to me. I see! You, Jay, are interesting. Do you intend on winning this game by keeping your hands clean? Perhaps you intend on waiting it out until you're one of the final three? Or maybe you're the sort who'll try to save everyone.

Either way-- it's that guilt you don't want to build upon, is it?
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[You shounens and your desire to atone!! Andersen cants his head.]

Ten of us are already dead. How do you intend on keeping that promise?
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I see. So you plan on bringing them back somehow since they haven't "departed," in the traditional sense.