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week 1, friday

[ a few hours after the investigation wraps up, jay will make his way to room 108 and knock on the door.

if no one shows up he'll just leave because this isn't that important, but. he figured he should check on things. ]
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[chie had gone back to her room almost immediately after the investigation. even after a year of being part of an investigation team in her hometown, she's not exactly what you would call used to murder.

for a second, she vaguely wonders if her roommate had forgotten his key; then again, he doesn't seem to be the type. she stares at the door for a couple of seconds, then gets up and places her hand on the knob. before she turns it, she asks,]

Who is it?
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[she pauses, because that's exactly why she waits, but. jay does not strike her as someone stupid enough to murder right after the first one has been committed.

she opens the door.]

Wow, you came all the way here to visit me?

[... she jokes, of course. she remembers his sass when they'd met.]
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He's not. He usually doesn't come back until right before curfew hits.

[after another couple seconds of hesitation, she steps aside to let him in, if he'd like.]

Why so worried about me?
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[she can't deny that he's got a point. hell, she can't trust him, but neither can he trust her. and yet, like he says, they still have to work together. how fucked up is that?

when he brings up her earlier offhanded comment, she bristles a little. she didn't think too much about it when she'd said it. she's not exactly regretting it, but... hrm.]

There was a serial killer loose in my hometown. The victims' bodies were publicly displayed around town; it was kinda hard not to see them before the police could take 'em down.

[she can say that much safely.]
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[she just nods.]

He was caught after about a year. His copycat killer was caught way faster than he was.

... Geez, and here I was a few days ago, talking about how normal my life was before coming here.
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In general? Almost everyone here.

About what I just told you? ... Nah.
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I only told you because I let it slip without thinking.

[she sighs, kicking her feet up in the air as she leans back a little... she's about to ask him if that's all, then remembers something.]

Oh, yeah—ever find out anything about this place? From the first time we met, I mean.
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You can't just say "possible lead" and leave it at that. What's the saying... two heads are better than none?

[she tries so hard]
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Fair enough.

Can I ask you a question, though, since you asked me?
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[she gives pause for a couple of seconds, looking like she's deep in contemplation... and then:]

What's your deal with otters?
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Wow, I wasn't actually expecting you to answer that seriously.

[she chuckles a little, because she's not sure if he's making that up but also why would he?? anyway. she figures the murder part is something he's been asked about, and probably not something he'd really divulge on anyway...]

But my real question is the espionage bit. You're a spy?
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[she wants to ask exactly what for, but that also might not be an answer she can get.]

So that's why you're so thorough about investigations and finding things out.
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Well... it's good we have you around, then.

It's gonna be hard.
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As long as their strength isn't lying.
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[and she winces.]

Yeah, that's what I was trying to get at.
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Ugh, the fact that we even have to think about this stuff... discussing people's motives and methods like we're talking about what to get for dinner.