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week 4, thursday

[ considering some recent developments, the hunters decide to go talk to craftly the morning following their meeting with girge. even though they don't believe he's lying, it's still best to have craftly actually confirm what was told to them, and this isn't really the kind of thing that can wait until monday.

jay had stopped by the front desk early on, asking the innkeeper to meet them in the curio shop as soon as possible. that's where they are all now, and it's a little odd to be inside without having to chop off a random body part. ]

We spoke to Girge yesterday. He told us something... interesting, to say the least.

[ he glances at his fellow hunters. ]
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[Who says they don't have to chop off a random body part? Maybe that's the price of entering the room.

Anyway, Yukina's expression is equal parts concerned and determined when Jay speaks up, and when he glances at them, she nods.]

...about how to save the people who have been killed here, and what defeating the Prophets will mean.
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. . . and the choices you made back when you were a Sacrifice in this very same game. The one that helped you become Innkeeper here in the first place.
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[Kids, why. Don't gang up on the NPC he is TiredTM. Luckily for them, though, there's no need to chop off body parts today. Instead, Craftly looks grim as they each take their turn speaking.]

That knowledge was not yours to bear, children. It's best if you focus your efforts elsewhere.
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...because there is no way any of us will be able to live with ourselves if we end the game early and leave the people who have been killed behind.

[No way. They just can't do it.

Surely he knew that, when he picked them?]
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[deep breath]

We know what you were trying to do. We know you were trying to protect us, because you knew we were all the kind of people who would take the hard route if it meant rescuing everyone. Even those who have died.

But. . .

[his gaze is firm, unwavering]

If this is the only way to make sure everyone goes home alive, then you must know we can't just turn a blind eye.

[they wouldn't be able to forgive themselves, even if they managed to stop the Prophets]
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Some people walk the roads that cause the most problems because they see the end. Their efforts, their tireless trek — it's easy to fall into a sense of duty, is it not?

[ Craftly takes a stand, his tendrils brushing against the ornate frames of a few portraits that hang on the wall, adjusting them with purpose. ]

It was never my intention to allow you three to find yourselves into this predicament. Sacrifice, that is all we needed, not justice. It's easy to turn a blind eye, trust me — men, women, children have all returned home and do I hold bitterness for their inability to save the others? No, possibly envy them.
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...I feel the same way.

[Kaito does too, she's sure. The Hunters, although they certainly have their differences, are more or less cut from the same cloth at their very cores.]

Sometimes there aren't any good choices. There are just the choices that feel... less wrong. And we all appreciate that you tried to shield us from this, but...

It's a sacrifice we're willing to make.
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[Kaito does feel the same way. and honestly? Jay and Yukina put it way better than he ever could. but even so, to drive the point home, he takes a deep breath and adds his own two cents, eyes slipping shut]

When I was nine, my father was murdered. Killed during a performance in what was deemed a "stage accident." [tch] I didn't figure out it was murder until nine years later, when I came face to face with the men that killed him.

[his tone is even, voice steady, despite the incredibly personal nature of the conversation. he takes another breath and continues]

I remember what that felt like. I remember. . . how much it hurts to wake up one morning and realize that person you loved is gone because some bastard stole them right out from under your nose.

[when he opens his eyes again, they burn with conviction]

I promised myself that I'd never let another person feel that way again, so long as I could help it. And that applies to this situation as well.

. . . thank you, Craftly, for everything you've done for us. But it's our decision, and none of us want to go back on it.
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You must all remember that the very rules that contain you within this foggy town still apply to me as well. I have things that have prevented me from revealing key points of this ordeal and — even now, as you push and prod for such answers and insight, I'm bound.

[ He looks back to them, shutting his eyes when Kaito speaks. ]

The most I can do, in this little rebellion, is hope that fate is kind to you all on this avenue. It will be difficult. More than anything I've asked for you to fill my basin with. But, perhaps one of you will end this cycle. Your service and companionship have done you well thus far, after all.
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[Kaito's story is a little painful to hear, but it must have been immensely painful to live. It explains a lot about him - she just wishes that his reasons for telling it didn't have to be like this.

Her expression, like Jay's, is sympathetic. Like Jay, though, she returns her attention to Craftly.]

...thank you. For everything you've done for us, and... for trying so hard, even though you're also bound by this place. A lot of people... they wouldn't even bother.

[There's little she can do, aside from echo her partners' thanks, because they've both. Craftly is doing the best he can with what he has. They, too, can't do anything more than that.

But maybe their best really will be enough, in the end.]

We're lucky to have met you, Craftly-san.
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Heh. I don't think Yukina, Jay, or myself are the kinda people who shy away from things just 'cause they're difficult.

[he pulls up a smile, and it's the first one that's actually reached his eyes in days]

We'll put an end to this game. And, if we can, I'd like to stop any future ones from occurring too. [even though Craftly told him in no uncertain terms that there would be another one after this, that there was no way to kill the god that oversaw this senseless slaughter] If there is a way to end this cycle. . . I guarantee you, we'll find it.
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In the entire sense of the word - I'm tired. Despite the form you see me in, eternity is not meant for our minds. Mortal minds, I mean.

[ However, when Kaito speaks he keeps a forced smile. ]

Then I wish your actions to all be fruitful. I've never had a gang of hooligans formulate out of hope, not fear. It's a rarity, more precious than anything imaginable. While I can not speak on the future, presently I request you think of your next few steps carefully - I would hate for you to lose the footing you've finally found yourself in.

[ He reaches into his pocket, pulling out three wrapped caramel candies and offering them with his tentafingies. ]

It all changes today, I believe it.

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[...mortal minds, huh.

Yukina is hardly immortal, but as she takes the candy Craftly offers them, she reflects on the fact that she's naturally longer-lived than both Kaito and Jay. If anything, it confirms for her that she absolutely can't let either one of them take the deal.]

...whatever changes come, we'll... face them. We're going to do our best, for everyone.
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[Kaito also takes the offered candy with a snile]

It may not be for mortal minds, but. . . [he closes his eyes again, fingers curling around the candy tightly] You were the one who told us not to be afraid of the unknown.