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week 1, sunday

[ just like literally everyone else, jay is spending a lot of time out and about in the town, since... well. town. he's about to head about to the motel though, when he hears the sound of... something? being thrown against a thing?

he follows the noise, wondering what could that be!!!!! HM!!! ]
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[ Somewhere in the museum, Omega's got a boatload of bricks. The dilapidated buildings were a certain source, and she had hauled a lot of them into the museum.


Her efforts were for nothing-- no matter how hard she threw, the items on lockdown in the museum wouldn't move an inch. She thought if it didn't give her the result she wanted, she could at least engage in vandalism-- but even the paintings were untouchable. ]

OH, COME ON, YOU FREAKS! [ She's clearly at the end of her rope. ] IF YOU WON'T LET ME DEFEND MYSELF WHAT GOOD ARE YOU?
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Oh, I'm letting out my frustrations.

Wanna join?
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[ Wha-BAM! One more brick at a glass window containing a weapon as frightening as it was appealing. The brick breaks off more than the wall shows any damage. ]

Yeah, I wanted a weapon. Something that really says 'don't mess with me'. Humans always leap to killing each other in situations like this, so someone's gonna be dead by the weekend.

It won't be me.
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He's a wimp with a weird manly voice! He wouldn't stand a chance!

[ Picks up a brick, hucks it. No dice. ]

Huh. Maybe I should keep one of these.
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I'd deface it if it let itself be defaced. So far it's just a really good brick-smasher.

There's no cans of spray paint anywhere, but boy, if there were--
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I bet they'd know my intentions and not want their precious murder-town vandalized.
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I dunno. An hour? 45 minutes? All I know is that throwing is starting to become a pain... no matter what, I don't think these weapons can be accessed at all.
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And I wanted to carry one around to look cool. Like 'don't mess with me', you know?

[ She stops her brick tirade, finally tired out. ]

Hey. Are you really concerned with dying here?
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It almost feels fake. Like we'd get a little preamble leading up to this, instead, it's just-- nope, murder times.

[ Omega herself doesn't look or feel too concerned about it. ]
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Probably someone's just unhinged enough to kickstart it. Blackmail? Hostage situation? If they can grab us, they can definitely grab someone else from home...
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Yeah. However many they want, as a matter of fact. I guess I shouldn't be surprised that suffering is the name of the game.
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Witches can come back to life by playing games in Hell. I'll get scared once I see what happens to the dead.

[ snickering ] Assuming I don't die on Thursday.