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week 5, wednesday

[ this is honest to god the worst week, of all time, of anything ever, so when chie approaches jay to talk privately, the kill bill sirens are ringing pretty heavily in his head and he doesn't even know what a movie is.

they'll go to chie's room since it's empty. ]

Yes, Chie?
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[it's been a while since the news was dropped on her, so at the very least, she's not coming to him with the full force of her emotions. still, jay can probably notice that she's struggling to keep her voice even, her face straight.]

I think you know why I'm here.
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Everything, hopefully.

[... but let's start simple.]

How long were you planning on keeping all this from us?
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Yeah, thanks, giant spider monster that ate Dipper and Mabel's faces...

[it feels weird to treat this as an interrogation, but... it basically is. the part of her that still wants to trust jay is trying to reach out, but he's got a lot to account for before she'll let it.]

Why did you start working together with Girge and Tsurugi?
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[she pointedly glares at him when he makes the hand comment. she trusted him enough to let him do it...]

Why didn't you just kill me when my hand got messed up, then? Would that have been too obvious?
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[she's silent for a couple of seconds, her furrowed brow returning to a more neutral position.]

So teaming up with me, Dipper, and Mabel was real?
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If we didn't have all those conversations about how you were a spy, maybe I would've been a little suspicious, but... it was literally in your profile, so I didn't really think too much about it.

[she shrugs, looking off to the side. she doesn't feel like she can make eye contact with him for what she's about to say next.]

So what's your goal from here? Dipper and Mabel told me the ultimate plan was to kill the rest of us and make some sort of deal with Craftly... where we'd get all come back to life and go home, except for one of you who stays here and takes Craftly's job forever. Is that true?
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... The way you're saying it does sound kinda selfish on your guys' part. And I won't lie—I don't want to die.

[ her voice cracks a little, just considering the idea of facing her own death. ]

But... I can't agree with only saving the handful of us who haven't. Are there seriously people who want to just save their own skins at the cost of everyone else who got murdered when they didn't deserve it? When there is a way to rescue them? That's crazy, disgusting, and most of all, cowardly. Even if it ends up being a lie that Craftly came up with... even if I did survive, I don't think I could bear going back home with that on my conscience for the rest of my life.

Whatever happens from here... can you promise me one thing, Jay?
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don't fuck this up you small piece of shit
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[she'll reluctantly nod to that. it's not like she can argue to the contrary.]

I trusted you, y'know. [she raises her stump.] I was so damn sure you weren't part of any of the bullshit last week—I got into arguments over you being innocent. Just don't... don't hide stuff from us again, okay? If we're still alive. If you have to lie, let it be to me—don't betray Dipper and Mabel.
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That's what I meant... I knew it couldn't have been you.

I want to keep trusting you.
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They'll have to go through me to get to them, then.

[there's briefly a fire in her eyes as she grits her teeth, her remaining hand balling up into a fist. it lasts for only a few seconds, before she calms back down, her voice softening.]

...You guys better be right about this deal.
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[and as the last bit exits her mouth, she stops suddenly. her eyes slowly widen as she finishes her thought.]

Wait... if the last person is the one who takes Craftly's job, what happens to the other two at the end? And—if you guys make it, does that mean you're willing to stay here, for all of our sake?
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...See, I can't even be mad at that.

[it's such a noble cause, even if it was accomplished through underhanded means. she sighs.]

Good thing no one listened to Mira when she made her big speech, right?
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Good to know.

...I'll see you after whatever happens on Friday or Saturday, then. [she rises from her seat on the bed to open the door. with her back turned to him, she just mutters,] ...Thanks.