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week 3, saturday

[ a little after the trial has ended, jay is still wandering around the motel, trying to cool off. he is extremely annoyed over how all of that went down and he doesn't feel like being in his room at the moment.

during these wanderings, he will run into saya! somewhere!! jay slows to a stop at the familiar face. ]

Long time no talk.
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[She's probably on her way back to her room, despite... how weird a lot of people might find rooming with a serial killer? Mira was a cool roommate and she's kind of bummed now, tbh.]

It's been a while, hasn't it?
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[Look... Listen........ Having limbs is freaky and she still has like little scabs from tripping every five minutes, but she laughs.]

Yeah, I am! But so is everyone else, right? They're... not so confused now, I think. [Murder craziness aside, anyway.]
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We've learned something new each week, so... I'm sure you'll find more on Monday if you're worried about it.
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Mm, I didn't say it was! You could end up like that boy with the sunglasses, after all. He got himself killed, all for nothing.