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week 5, friday

[ a couple of hours after investigation has wrapped up, there will be a knock on dipper's door. ]
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[opens his door and sees jay]

You're the worst.

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[he's actually sitting on the ground next to the door, holding onto his legs and sulking, not even pretending to be blocking it in any way. It's less agressive than it's been?]

Sure. What is it.
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[he hadnt thought that until you said it is what that eyebrow raise says]

... Okay? Why is everyone trying to give me knives recently? Andersen gave me a scalpel the other day, too. You know when those would have been useful? When I got kidnapped by a spider.
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Aim for the crotch, I guess?

[listen. Andersen was trying? probably? Dipper sighs]

... Why are you giving me a knife, Jay.
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You know, disparaging people who want kids to fill up the spots but wanting to keep Mabel and me alive is kind of hypocritical. [he says it pretty deadpan, but he gets up, finally, dusting himself off and holding out his hand] Sure. I'll take the knife.
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[dipper puts it in his vest. how much stuff fits in that???? either way, the clinking sound was probably from the scalpel. Yikes.]

... Thanks? [he is not sure how he feels about that.] ... You know, I didn't tell you the other day just because I wanted to tackle my issues. [a beat] Literally.
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Yeah, there's lots of things people don't want me to do.

[flippant, because he doesn't so much care about that]

I was mad. Obviously. I'm still mad. [he kicks at the ground, looking at anything but Jay] I wanted you to say it. And, I guess... I thought... It was stupid, but... I guess I thought maybe you'd reconsider. Even if not what you guys were actually planning, 'cause I get that you think it's the only way, I dunno. Maybe I thought you'd reconsider how you did it.
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...Okay, well, that's... good on the body desecration part? Could've just stuck to. Halves. [wait, shit--] That wasn't the point. You seriously don't see anything wrong with how all of this turned out? Clementine killed Tsurugi, and now she's probably gonna blame herself for not being able to save Emily for the rest of her life. Violet too.
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I'm glad these are the people you choose to ally yourself with.
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You say that like they weren't going to kill people anyway. It's not like we needed the extra push on body count. We got three dead even without your killing alliance.

[he's getting a bit jerky with his movements, like he's exasperated with everything, and he starts to scratch at his bandage]

I get what you're trying to do, but you're just-- it's like you guys want to find the easiest way for people to lynch you!
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That wasn't the point, I mean-- people are still killing people. And Girge and Tsurugi were both alive this week. You didn't have to do this ... stupid mass murder thing before telling people. It might've gone over better.