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[ a couple of hours after everyone had woken up back in their rooms after the execution, jay finally ventures out of his room to see what's going on at the rest of the motel. he's not really in the mood to talk to anyone in the moment, mostly because he figures that his patience for back to back conversations regarding #trauma is going to get too much after a while.

despite that, he pauses mid-step when he comes across light in the lounge. ]

You've had quite a morning.

[ understatement. ]
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[Light has kept relatively to himself after the execution. Quiet, a look of distance on his features, an unwillingness to talk to anyone directly just yet. It had been, of course, disturbing in its own way -- he knows this from a strictly empirical standpoint, just as he knows that it was wrong to have killed Hana in such a tortuous manner. It was unfair and it was unfortunate.

But empathy is something that he seems to have lost a while ago. He isn't sorry for what he did, because if he hadn't, he would have been punished, likely with death. Simple as that. His survival was more important, and if she had to die, then at least he would be putting an end to her pain. He was doing in her a favor in that.

If anything, he's irritated that the spotlight had been cast on him in such a way. He's seated in a chair in the lounge, fingers pinching the bridge of his nose. He looks up at Jay as he walks in and brings up the execution. Because of course he does.]

...I've been feeling as if I'm going to be sick all morning.
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[What went wrong? The question threatens to bring up frustration within him, and he frowns. He moves his hand away from his face and settles it on the armrest, fingers flexing against the upholstery.

There's a lot that went wrong. Conclusions that might have been made without proper consideration, because they were in a time crunch. And because evidence and clues were being presented to them very quickly, with little time to observe how they might actually work -- the menu, for one. So many variables, and while logic was enough to see them through to the correct conclusion, how were they to know who the actual killer was?]

What went wrong was us not knowing all the rules to this twisted game. [He's referring to the Ghost.] And yet we're still forced to play it.

[But he straightens, attempting to give Jay a less ambiguous answer. He doesn't look at him directly.] We were right-- Hana was the one to have physically done the act of killing. From logic alone, we concluded that. But the rest? It appears that some of these... "roles" operate in a way that isn't immediately clear.

We should have asked her more questions. We should have tried more to differentiate someone who was possessed, versus someone who wasn't.
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[It's easy enough to think about what they should have done in retrospect. Hindsight is always 20/20, something that Light hates to apply to himself, because he shouldn't have to? He should be able to see clearly in the moment, despite the pressure and chaos. How utterly irritating.

A long exhale.]

I know there's nothing to compare to. However, we do know that Hana acted while under possession of the Ghost. We can treat this as way to reverse-engineer the problem; in the future, we can compare the next individuals placed under suspicion to Hana's story. Maybe then something will stand out.

[He runs a hand through his hair in consternation.] I just...

I feel guilty.

[No, he doesn't. He feels frustrated, irritated. But it's displeasure all the same, easy enough to school onto his face.]
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[He's quiet for a moment. Again, how everything circles back to that one word on his card -- he wonders how things would be different, if it wasn't there. What position would he be in now, less burdened with the prospect of suspicion and obligation to always defend himself?

Not so much tiring as it is annoying.]

Did you vote for me? [Blunt, but lacking any real accusation.]
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I don't think there's anyone here who would've willingly volunteered to execute someone so early. Even if it was out of "good' intentions, hoping to make it a quick and painless death-- [Something that would have been futile, anyway] --then that person would still look suspicious. Too eager.

[His fingers rap on the arm of the chair, idly.]

No one wants suspicion cast over them for no real reason.

[YOU KNOW, KIND OF LIKE HIM AND HIS PROFILE CARD except they'd be right where Light is concerned, but. Whatever.]

Do you think people will be keeping quiet about their roles for as long as possible? I've been thinking about it, and in some instances it doesn't make sense to do so.
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It might look bad. But some people care less about looking like a coward than what's good for the overall group. It's just human nature.

[And that's just Light's cynicism eking out. He reels it back in.]

Yes, I was thinking that it's an easy way to prove yourself innocent, and thus narrow down the suspect list. After all, if you know the murder weapon was A, and your role was weapon B, then by declaring your role you would be freed from immediate suspicion.

[A beat.] It would also help us avoid sending the wrong person to their death, again.
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Of course. That's why timing is critical. That, and you'd have to consider if someone would be dumb enough to use their assigned weapon to kill anyone, especially after they've already announced what their role is.

[Light is the same way, but in this case, he probably cares even less than Jay when it comes to how stupid want to be. In the end, stupid decisions made unravelling this game even easier. Please make all the dumb decisions, everyone, so he can catch murderers and condemn you all to death.]

Would you consider outing yourself? [Not now, obviously, but he means in the future.] Would the risks be worth it to you?
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[If possible alliances were to work, then revealing one's role would be a sign of trust. It made sense from a logical standpoint, but -- well, Light doesn't trust anyone quite that easily, and with that critical kind of information.

Time would tell.]

To prove one's innocence? Yes. If I were to be honest, if it meant escaping an execution, I would be hesitant, but... I think I would reveal my role in that situation.

[Survival was key, first and foremost.]
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[His eyes narrow just a bit at the mention of the Ghost, obviously displeased. It's not surprising -- most everyone would react in the same way.]

They'll have to be particularly vigilant if they want to get away with it again. If they're caught, they're going to feel the wrath of this entire group -- how that culminates, we'll see.

[But really, the both of them know how that'll go. The Ghost, when outed, probably doesn't have long for this world.]
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[Light looks appropriately skeptical at that.]

And here I thought it would be obvious that this might be a motivation down the line. "Vigilante justice" and all that.
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I don't plan on going out of my way to actually kill someone. [A quick correction to that! Light doesn't act rashly, especially not without ample consideration.]

I'm just saying it wouldn't be surprising if someone else did adhere to this mindset. That, compiled with all the other stressors they've been putting us through, just means someone's willpower is going to crack sooner or later.