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week 2, sunday

[ a few hours after the execution is over, jay is wandering around the motel to find something to do. the ice cream, unfortunately, could not get rid of the bad taste in his mouth that was left from watching kamui get killed in that way, so he figures a distraction would be nice.

he crosses paths with kaiba near the pool area, because i just decided that right now. ]

Kaiba. [ he nods his head in greeting. ]
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[ It's fine, he's been regularly hanging out at the pool area, for some reason??? It's probably because he doesn't like to be around people in small spaces very much actually, but since they're confined to the motel for the weekend, the pool area is at least open enough that it's not so noisy and he can actually hear himself think.

So following their... impromptu ice cream party (what the fuck was that, anyway), it's no surprise that it's one of the first places that he heads off to. It helps that his room is nearby, too? ]

Jay. [ The greeting is returned with another nod, one that's definitely more civil than the last time they've run into each other in the same place.

What do you know, maybe actually properly talking to each other instead of snarking pays off, even if it's in the context of a fucking murder trial.

But yeah, anyway, after that, he's going to go back to what he was doing before, which is to flick through one of the books that he's requested from the front desk, occasionally penning down whatever thoughts he has in quick, precise strokes of Japanese on paper that he's pilfered from the dining hall yesterday.

If he looks up and Jay is still there, he's just going to. You know. Gesture at the empty seat opposite him because it's empty and Jay, why are you still standing?

At least he tolerates your presence enough to offer you a seat??? ]
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[ When Jay takes the offered seat he will at least attempt to be civil and/or polite and stop whatever he's writing for the moment, although he's still got his pen in his hand and he may or may not be idly spinning it every so often because he's Extra like that. ]

Reading. Sometimes the front desk actually bothers giving you actual books, and there's only so many things a person can do when confined to the motel.

[ At least during the week, when they're allowed to venture further beyond the motel, he finds that he has more things to do, more things to keep his mind occupied.

Take away his laser-point focus towards his work and his technology and he's ending up to be quite the restless wanderer, apparently. ]

I needed the distraction.

[ It's said candidly, blandly, and it would have almost been flippant if not for the abnormal weight that Seto has put behind his words. Don't they all need the distraction, after what happened that morning?

It's not every day you witness someone being crushed to death by spikes. ]