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week 3, saturday

[ a little while after the trial ends on saturday, jay can be found walking around the motel. he's not in a good mood considering how everyone ended up fighting each other for most of the trial, and even though they finally caught the ghost, jay can't really say he's proud of how they all handled it.

so, while walking, he bumps into knoll! who is... somewhere around i guess, you can pick. ]
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[ Knoll can't say he's entirely happy about when the last portion of the trial descended into total anarchy-- nor the entirety of it. They had something, but ...

The man is in the dining hall when Jay bumps into him; for his height he barely weighs anything and was walking relatively slowly so no one is going to the ground at least. ]

Oh. I don't think I was quite watching where I was going. It has been a long day, as I believe you can attest to.
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It did.

[ Knoll sighs, and moves a hand to rub at his forehead a bit. ]

...I didn't expect for events to proceed that way as well. Mira did unfortunately a good job attempting to sow more confusion and discord than what we needed. But, I suppose she wanted to cause a good deal of trouble on her way out.
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[ The only reason Knoll isn't mad at most of the people is because it's difficult to get him angry. ]

Yes. That is worrisome on its own...and that is why she did it. She likely knew that there wouldn't be a majority vote for Craftly, but it would cause enough division to hurt our efforts in cooperation.

[ ... ]

...At the very least she will be gone by the end of the morrow, but still.
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I will hope that no one sincerely believed her story about being the only one aligned with that being. She's told enough lies today.

[ ... Like, honestly. ]

...The Soldier was most definitely complicit in her schemes--as an accomplice, as an ally. I also think it is a reasonable assumption that this individual has helped her out more than just once as well--times when she's needed it the most.
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... It could mean also refer to others who had could've made the same agreement as she had. I doubt at this point that she was the only one who willingly came here. Though, I don't think I can ever understand why someone would wish to experience a place like this, even if they made clear their own reasons.

[ He didn't like the sound of it either, but he's been looking at everything with the idea that things will get worse before they get better. If they can get better, that is. ]

Either way, unless we put a halt to it somehow, it appears as if the cycle is destined to continue.
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We merely need to continue looking for answers. 'Therein one's search for an answer, they may come upon a solution to the entirety of their long as they don't lose their desire to know...'

[ He smiles wryly. ]

Of course, I can understand how what I say may not be satisfactory,'s the only way we can find a way to stop what she says will keep going on.
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[ He'll nod. ]

It'd be a surprise if many would...

[ He's definitely just tired himself by this point. ]
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I don't believe Kamui was working with them.

[ ... ]

I spoke to him and he worked alone, from beginning to end. He simply wished to see what Vincent's pain tolerance really was, and that was it.
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[ Knoll releases a soft sigh. It really was; he has a hard time understanding people like that even if they do give their reasons. ]

Yes. I can only hope we repeat our previous successes, as I know for sure that it will only continue to be an uphill battle of sorts.

[ He hadn't even been sure they could catch Mira, but that was another thing entirely. ]
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We've solved some things before without hints, so it is plausible. But, in the end... I suppose only time will tell.

[ Something about playing hangman in a trial was grimly amusing, though Knoll will do them both a favor and hold his tongue. ]