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week 1, sunday

[ when 11:00 hits after the execution, jay's eyes open slowly. there's a second where he just squints blearily at the ceiling before it suddenly hits, and then he's sitting up so quickly that the blanket he was so kindly tucked into falls off him.

once he confirms that he is indeed back in room 117, he turns towards jake's bed to see if his roommate is also awake or even, like, there in the first place. his mind is still racing with all the images that he witnessed at the lake, but he has other people he need to check on right now as well. ]

Jake. [ while his voice isn't loud, it's firm, like his intent is waking the other teen in case he is asleep. ]
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[When Jake wakes up, he actually just shuts his eyes again, because while he remembers what happened, he thinks maybe he just dreamt it. A nightmare, not a dream, but he's back in bed so maybe it didn't happen. He really wants to believe it didn't happen. But he hears Jay and something about his voice makes his stomach sink.]

That wasn't a nightmare, huh?

[Jake pushes himself to sit up, groggy but awake and staring straight ahead of him, unsure of what to say.]

Jesus fuck.
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That was no execution. That was some ghastly performance. Even if she hadn't been innocent, it was far too wicked.

[He pushes the covers off himself at least.]

Fuck and I thought the game back home was too cruel. At least my deaths were relatively quick and painless. Do you think it's always going to be that or...?
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[He frowns, rubbing the back of his neck.]

I don't really know if I want to know the answer in a sense. Feels like if he says no, it might just be worse next week, not that I can fathom what sort of horror they could drum up next.
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[He shakes his head.]

No... You're right. After seeing that, anyone who murders of their own volition...

[Really, he can't imagine it. Why would you take a life in the first place? But why would you knowing the fate of the person they pick for execution? To risk it for yourself would be stupid but to risk it hoping an innocent is chosen instead is too cruel.]

Did you vote for her? Um, I did. She seemed honest and I truly did believe her but...

[The evidence was just too damning.]
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[He can't help a short, snorted out laugh. 'Epic'? Seriously?]

Well, I guess if it's her dying wish, we've no right to refuse. It's... the ghost person, isn't it? I admit I'm no Sherlock Holmes but it seemed as much.
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[Now that Jay says it, his eyes widen.]

You're right. Fifteen minutes... [He frowns, chewing on his lip.] Right, okay. Craftly setting them up is possible but... [He shakes his head.] Like you said, too much risk. What if they turn on each other? And revealing that information seems unfair to the game. There has to be something else holding them together, right? Are there any roles that look like they have to work together?

[He's trying to remember now.] Some of them I didn't really understand at all. And I'm not sure if the ones with weapons have additional, uh, conditions? That we don't know.
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[It is a tough theory but Jake comes over to peek over the menu, too, since he didn't bother to take his. He should have, he realises, but, well. A lot was happening.]

I... [Jake hesitates. Bite his lip. Breathes.] I don't mind telling you my role, um, if you want to know. You don't have to return the favour, but, um. Well, I realise if it's not a role thing, then probably it'd be fair to suspect me or Dirk since we're awful close, so...

[He wants to make a gesture to protect Dirk from suspicion, basically, at least from Jay.]
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[Jake nods and takes a breath. It's fine. He does trust Jay, even if they don't know each other well. It would just be suspicious for roommates to kill each other. And it might help protect Dirk, so...]

Um, well, honestly my role is quite useless. I'm the Carpenter. I can prove it, too. Um, it's here— [He puts his hand on his waist and suddenly there's a nailgun visible, hanging off his belt.] But... I don't intend to hurt anyone with it. And unfortunately that's all my role does. But it might, um, confirm? That it's possible weapon roles are only that. Though actually I suppose it just might be mine that's like that, so...

[He runs a hand through his hair.] You'll be able to see it now but no one else will. So please don't tell anyone else. And um, hopefully this helps a little? Dirk wouldn't want to risk something happening to me, especially knowing my role can't do anything to protect me.
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[He smiles a little back.] Thank you. And heavens, no, I could never do that with, well, a nailgun of all things especially, gosh.

[Look he can't get over how terrible of a death that would be? He is pretty sure it would not be quick and relatively painless.]

But yes, you're right. With Hana's role known and mine to you now, we can probably assume anything with the 'weapon' title has no additional purpose. Skill and item ones, though... But the problem is still that, somehow, the person who possessed Hana knew she had a weapon. The only people who should be able to see it is the owner and anyone who is informed.
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No, I agree completely. Why risk fifteen minutes on chance?

[Jake looks for the menu again.]

Let's see... some that stand out... The Convict has a key. There are an awful lot of locked doors here. We don't know what that person might find. The Copycat could copy the Ghost, that's a frightful idea. The Reporter... Monday passed, they would have received a token and gained a clue. Many of these items I'm not sure what purpose they would serve? For example, a statue would be a fine enough weapon but that isn't listed as a weapon role. Items must do something, then. Perhaps they receive instructions on how to use them? Like... puzzle solutions. So the item itself might not matter but what they gained from it could?
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Oh, you're right it is. I overlooked that.

[It's definitely an interesting choice. He frowns to himself, trying to think what that could mean. But even if they figure it out, will it help?]

Poison isn't always poisonous to everything. Might be a plant poison, for example. [Since he hasn't seen any animals but there are definitely a lot of plants.] But you're right. Though... now that we all know what roles exist....

[He puts his finger on the Bomber.] This would be a nasty surprise lying in wait and certainly one any cohorts in crime will try to avoid.
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But... [He frowns. He sees the implication but he can't understand why.] For cripes sake why go through all this trouble! I guess maybe it's a ritual? So we must follow procedure?
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Multiple bodies can hardly be called a victory. [He really doesn't want that but he has to admit Jay has a point. At least they wouldn't be voting for an innocent. It's just lose/lose no matter what.] Next time, I want to do a better job fingering the culprit. I don't want to see anyone endure such a retribution but... not an innocent again.