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week 3, saturday

[ sometime after the trial has ended, jay still hasn't gone back to his room. he has a lot on his mind. admittedly, most of it is him silently cursing everyone at this bar because wow that was angering.

while making his way around the motel, he passes by girge! because sure. ]

That was fun.

[ no it wasn't ]
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[oh hey]

Yes, you did seem to be having a lot of fun, especially towards the end.

[no he didn't]
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Careful, Mira might come back from the dead after being executed.

[and then jay was next week's victim for lying]
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Well, she's still alive for now. You could ask her yourself if she'd do that.

[jay no]
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[Girge pauses, with a thoughtful noise.]

She did mention once or twice that she was involved with Rachel and Marty, but seeing as how, as you pointed out, she also denied working with anyone at other times, it's hard to say. Her story wasn't the most consistent.

Though as... Aloy, I believe? As someone mentioned, if she does have any allies, the Soldier is most likely one.
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Granted, saying "I know who insert role is", to some, very much comes off as a front for "I am that role"—that whole "I have a friend who wants to know" sort of thing. They may not have wanted to risk it and figured that if Mira was guilty, the evidence would ultimately point to her.

But yes, if she's working with anyone still alive, the Soldier seems to be the top candidate.
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[He laughs.]

You mean you don't think the statue speaks to people's minds and makes them wake up at the scene of a murder?

[time to lynch the soldier next...]
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Could be worse. You could've been the Ballerina.
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It does make me wonder if something is special about their scalpel; otherwise, it seems rather unfair.

... Then again, fairness doesn't seem to be a high priority here.
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Well, Mira was chosen to kill on behalf of this ritual, it seems. It only makes sense that she'd get a role conducive to that. Otherwise, what use would the Ghost have for their role?