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week 3, saturday

[ so, soon after that clusterfuck of a trial ends, the three hunters will all find their way back to room 112. even though their next meeting is just a few days away, sometimes you just can't wait that long.

as soon as the door closes behind him, jay will look at his two companions, not looking very pleased. ]

All three of us were sloppy tonight. We may have painted targets on ourselves if anyone was watching too closely.
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[his fingers are twitching nervously around the handle of his handgun at his side. he's suddenly grateful he never puts it down]


[breathes out deeply]

Granted, people like Velvet didn't make it any easier.
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...I'm sorry.

[She doesn't know what else to say. Yukina is fully aware that they've all painted various targets on each other's backs with that trial - and she can't help but feel responsible for it.]

I should have... avoided Velvet-san. If she didn't know me well enough to bother observing me, then maybe she wouldn't have... said that. Maybe things wouldn't have gotten so out of hand.
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[he frowns, rubbing his injured shoulder as he leans against the wall. his gaze flickers to the ground]

What was up with that, anyway? Why'd she choose Akira and Yukina in particular? And why the hell did no one believe us when you 'n I assured them Yukina wasn't the Ghost?
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...I don't know. I just... I don't know.

[Yukina's trembling. Partially from the trial, partially from the lecture she got from L'arachel at the end of it.]
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[. . . nods slowly, eyes slipping shut]

Four people voted for Craftly.

I don't know what'll happen to us if he winds up getting executed. We need to make sure people know not to vote for him in the future.

Remember those anonymous notes we talked about posting?
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...about that...

[She hesitates.]

I told Percival-san the truth about my role. I knew that if I lied, the two of you would support me, but... if they had chosen to vote for me anyway, the truth would have come out when I was executed.

[Her expression is a little bit pleading.]

...please don't be angry.

[As for the rest - she nods along with it.]

Yes, we need to get that information out as soon as possible. We can't... we can't have people believing that's an option. We just can't.
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[he. . . looks a bit irritated too, but that irritation is mostly directed at Percy anyway]

Yeah. We wanna keep our story straight. And I guess we'd better hope that Perc isn't a Prophet.
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...he's the Doctor. But I don't know if he's a Prophet or not.

[She got that much out of him, at least. But at their irritation, she winces.]

I told him that I was the Paranoid, and that... that was how I managed to survive our encounter with the monsters in the library. He already knew we'd been there, after all... And I don't think he has much faith in my ability to come out on top in a fight, so I knew I had to come up with something. wouldn't be so strange to suggest that those monsters were soulless, would it?
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And when I talked to Andersen, I mentioned the monster exploded, but didn't say how. I could attribute that vagueness to Yukina's role being the cause of the monster's demise.

[okay, they can make this work. they can.]

But Jay is right. While his maps are easily replicated, my handgun. . . isn't.
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...I know.

[She lowers her head.]

I didn't mean to ruin that for you... but, I didn't know what else to say. At that point, it really seemed likely that any lie I tried to tell would come out the next day.
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. . . yeah. There's no reason to be angry with you. Velvet painted you into a corner, for no reason whatsoever.

[. . .]

I think there's one important thing we can take away from Mira's last ditch effort at saving herself, too.

Her group-- the Prophets-- know about Craftly's rebellion.
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...either they know or they suspect.

[She can't help but think that, either. And what Mira kept saying to her keeps playing through her mind -

I wasn't pretending in that moment. I was giving you a warning.]

Either way, we're in more danger than we were before. Especially after... the way we reacted. [Or. Overreacted.] The others were... probably watching to see how people would react to Mira-san's suggestion about voting for Craftly-san...
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We're screwed.

[putting it bluntly]

If the Prophets already suspect that there's a rebellion, then maybe it can't hurt to finally let everyone know we're here.

Craftly wanted to keep it on the down low, but. . .

[can they, while also keeping him safe?]
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...what if we didn't make ourselves known, exactly?

[Yukina's voice is a little hesitant.]

What if we called out the Prophets, instead?
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[mrrrrgh. he scowls]

No. That's too vague. That's enough for people to assume that Mira was right, and that they should have voted for Craftly instead of her.

We need something more concrete. Something. . .

[he pauses. things. tests the words out on his lips, before speaking them]

"To those who have sold their humanity to a bloodthirsty god to satisfy their selfish desires: I know Mira was not the only one. I will stop you."

First person singular, to throw people off the scent. Sign it with an explorer's name. Ferdinand Magellan, to allude to the Explorer's role.
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[personal profile] thawedheart 2017-06-11 03:09 am (UTC)(link) sound like you've done this before, Kaito-san.

[Is this the skillset of a thief?]
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[. . . DUDE!!]

That's not why I--! We just talked about pretending the Explorer role was capable of learning more about the game, that's all!


. . . we ask Craftly to post it on the bulletin board. Monday morning, before everyone wakes up. We also make sure someone other than us scribes it.

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