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week one
sunday; shitting bricks. omega.
monday; casual blood oaths. hunters meeting.
wednesday; just three dudes in a room sitting five feet apart. dirk and jake.
friday; adachi was a dick. chie.
saturday; ok but ballerina. dipper.
sunday; well that happened. jake.
sunday; i brought you mur. light.

week two
monday; this job has free dental. hunters meeting.
monday; useless homosexual. dirk.
tuesday; this is like a cult hangover. kaito.
tuesday; roommate trouble. omega.
tuesday; it's the beginning of the week guys. hunters.
saturday; pls learn to lie better. dipper.
saturday; same as above. chie.
sunday; at least we got ice cream. clementine.
sunday; less of a dick than you could have been. kaiba.

week three
monday; prayer circle. hunters meeting.
tuesday; jaylock holmes. mira.
tuesday; goddammit light. hunters.
tuesday; reading rainbow. hunters.
wednesday; i can explain. jake.
thursday; team bonding. hunters.
friday; they rather be dead. chie and dipper.
friday; winner of the strider games. dirk.
saturday; we fucked up. hunters.
saturday; unsatisfactory. knoll.
saturday; my little cannibal. saya.
saturday; this bitch. girge.
sunday; that could have gone better. hunters.
sunday; how are they getting along. dipper.
sunday; that's rough buddy. jake.
sunday; one single feeling. chie.

week four
monday; prop. hunters meeting.
monday; come on and slam. hunters, kaiba, and light.
tuesday; dipper screaming in the distance. chie and dipper.
tuesday; mirror mirror. dipper and andersen.
wednesday; kill bill sirens. hunters and girge.
wednesday; we may have fucked up. hunters.
thursday; sorry murderdad. hunters and craftly.
thursday; it only cost an arm and a leg. andersen.
friday; i'm making waffles. hunters and akira.
friday; the shady bunch. hunters and prophets.
saturday; a tiny lush. andersen.
saturday; walkie talkies are cool. clementine.
saturday; jay's a homestuck now. jake.
sunday; bye killiance. chie.
sunday; this is a goddamn shitshow. prophets meeting.
sunday; return of the blue gremlin. andersen.
sunday; finally he gets his brows done. hajime.

week five
monday; craftly hates his step-children. hunters meeting.
monday; honey i ate the kids. dipper, mabel, and chie.
monday; very shock much gasp. percival, hajime, and andersen.
monday; the hotel rooms are too small for this. hunters, prophets, and andersen.
wednesday; the twins beat up an assassin. dipper and mabel.
wednesday; one armed fucker. hunters and prophets.
wednesday; why won't any of these ppl kill jay. chie.
thursday; no longer an honorary homestuck. jake.
friday; so something not that chill happened last night. hunters and prophets.
friday; ok well our bad dude. light.
friday; but why isn't the tea poison. andersen.
friday; bring a knife to a scalpel fight. dipper.
friday; protect mabel at all costs. mabel.
saturday; ha ha awkward. hunters, light, and kaiba.
ninjay: (what's what beneath the floorboards.)
[ a few hours after the investigation is over, jay is going to find mabel during one of the few periods where she is not attached to her brother. ]

... Hey.
ninjay: (this house alive.)
[ a couple of hours after investigation has wrapped up, there will be a knock on dipper's door. ]
ninjay: (in this symmetry.)
[ jay is, for obvious reasons, laying low mostly after the investigation. one of the few times he slips out of 112 he just happens to run into a familiar face.

he just scowls at andersen. ]
ninjay: (we screamed our agonies.)
[ sometime after the fun morning everyone had finding body parts, jay will run into light.

jay looks exhausted, but he slows to a stop when he sees him. ]

This is going to be a long weekend.
ninjay: ('cause i don't wanna know.)
[ this is honest to god the worst week, of all time, of anything ever, so when chie approaches jay to talk privately, the kill bill sirens are ringing pretty heavily in his head and he doesn't even know what a movie is.

they'll go to chie's room since it's empty. ]

Yes, Chie?
ninjay: (when you didn't answer your phone.)
[ jay mysteriously did not spend the night in 117 on wednesday for reasons!! but on thursday, he will return to the room to find jake in it. he pauses near the door after shutting it behind him, and makes no move to get further into the room. ]

You spoke to Andersen the other day, correct?
ninjay: (wispy whispers past the cabinets.)
[ in the late evening, jay is going to summon the scooby gang to all meet up in room 112. shit has gone down?

as soon as the door locks behind them, he will waste no time before just getting to the point. ]

Andersen told everyone about our plan.
ninjay: (just kicking and screaming.)
[ some time after dipper and mabel have been found and have received medical treatment, the four of them will end up in chie's room. it's convenient since she's the only one without a roommate, thanks kaiba.

once they're all inside, jay will immediately look at the twins. ]

What happened?

[ is his voice slightly more gentle than it usually is when he's addressing them??? no you're just imagining it. ]
ninjay: (we screamed our agonies.)
[ jay's default mood on the weekends is Badâ„¢, but the most recent trial did not help matters. the execution was worse, because of how it ended.

he's walking through the lobby, heading for the exit, when he spots hajime. he pauses. ]

Has anyone seen them yet? [ mabel and dipper, he means. he's pretty sure the answer is going to be no but he's gotta ask. ]
ninjay: (are you spirit.)
[ some time after the trial, jay and jake will lovingly reunite in their room.

jay, to the surprise of no one, looks both agitated and tired. that sure was the longest trial of his damn life. ]

At least we caught someone again.
ninjay: (born near the blood red sun.)
[ considering some recent developments, the hunters decide to go talk to craftly the morning following their meeting with girge. even though they don't believe he's lying, it's still best to have craftly actually confirm what was told to them, and this isn't really the kind of thing that can wait until monday.

jay had stopped by the front desk early on, asking the innkeeper to meet them in the curio shop as soon as possible. that's where they are all now, and it's a little odd to be inside without having to chop off a random body part. ]

We spoke to Girge yesterday. He told us something... interesting, to say the least.

[ he glances at his fellow hunters. ]
ninjay: (some foul mistakes.)
[ sometime thursday evening, but before curfew, jay is going to track down andersen. when he does find him, he will pull him aside to some remote corner.

whatever he has to talk about is obviously very urgent since he doesn't even give the dude a chance to ask what's going on before he blurts out, ]

You might have to cut off your legs.
ninjay: (tearing me apart.)
[ a few hours after the execution, jay will return to his shared room with jake (and dirk). jay decided to give him some time on his own in case other people wanted to comfort him, or if dirk was going to make out with him or something.

look he has no idea how dirk and jake do the comfort thing except for the fact that it involves a lot of petting, okay. ]

How are you holding up?
ninjay: (or a starting gate.)
[ sometime sunday evening, jay goes and seeks out dipper. he'll take him to some secluded part of the motel to murder him

no it's just a chat. they gotta gossip. ]

I know we just talked a few days ago, but we need to catch up.
ninjay: (sleep on it one more night.)
[ a little while after the trial ends on saturday, jay can be found walking around the motel. he's not in a good mood considering how everyone ended up fighting each other for most of the trial, and even though they finally caught the ghost, jay can't really say he's proud of how they all handled it.

so, while walking, he bumps into knoll! who is... somewhere around i guess, you can pick. ]
ninjay: (as the might tomcat sleeps.)
[ sometime after the trial has ended, jay still hasn't gone back to his room. he has a lot on his mind. admittedly, most of it is him silently cursing everyone at this bar because wow that was angering.

while making his way around the motel, he passes by girge! because sure. ]

That was fun.

[ no it wasn't ]
ninjay: (but it doesn't really hurt.)
[ a little after the trial has ended, jay is still wandering around the motel, trying to cool off. he is extremely annoyed over how all of that went down and he doesn't feel like being in his room at the moment.

during these wanderings, he will run into saya! somewhere!! jay slows to a stop at the familiar face. ]

Long time no talk.
ninjay: (a loaded gun.)
[ so, soon after that clusterfuck of a trial ends, the three hunters will all find their way back to room 112. even though their next meeting is just a few days away, sometimes you just can't wait that long.

as soon as the door closes behind him, jay will look at his two companions, not looking very pleased. ]

All three of us were sloppy tonight. We may have painted targets on ourselves if anyone was watching too closely.


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