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week 3, friday

[ sometime after the investigation, jay returns to room 117. it seems like both jake and kaito aren't around conveniently for this thread to take place.

when jay sees dirk, he waves with his right hand. ]

I feel like I should have stayed in with you guys in the morning.
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Sounds like it was the better option.

[Dirk is in bed with one of his philosophy books. Let's say that Dirk, like, got the news about what's going on so at least he's in the know.]
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Awesome. [Dirk, left on his own and with nothing but a book and talk of death, seems to be retreating back into the half-dead depressed state that he has been at risk of sinking into at any moment since Dave died.] Yeah, go for it, dude.
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[Just point blank nah.]

Also not sure why you'd guess that one for me.
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[There isn't a flinch, although the dead look sort of come back after that brief return to alertness.]

And I'm the obvious link. [fair enough] Dave made me promised not to tell anyone what my role was unless I absolutely needed to, so I won't tell you what I actually am in the stupid hope that maybe if I stay loyal to him he might talk to me in the afterlife. [That was also said in that dull, dead monotone. Like he knows it's a lost cause but can't help otherwise.] I figure Jake told you he knew the Copycat's identity. Did Dave say he knew?
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A cat symbol was found in his room? [This is a weird thing to fixate on but also: Dirk's brother is dead and he didn't know about that.] When? What did it look like?
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[He's still for a moment. Then a quick shake of his head.]

Doesn't matter. He's dead, whoever was... tryin' to fuckin' scare him was just... [Dirk rubs at his face with his hands. He's trying to breathe steadily.]

I want to know who'd pull a stunt like that.
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He didn't tell me his role directly, so I never saw the key he used.

[Which means he could have been.]

If you ask Craftly tomorrow, he'll probably tell you.
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[It is worrisome. Although he pauses.]

If he was the Copycat, wouldn't he have taken it as a threat? Like, some asshole slipping a note under the door 'I know what your role is' to intimidate them?
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If he had an ally and that ally leaked, maybe. Unless there's a role that can discern other roles, which we haven't ruled out yet after Hana's framing.
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Or just malicious. I heard there was writin' downstairs.
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I just wondered if some clowns went off their Faygo.


Yeah, it's called a parasite, and 'ecto' can mean ectoplasm.
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It's stupid and you don't want to know.
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Smart move.


Hopefully, Omega's gift will pay off here. Although knowin' the ghost did it won't help us identify a ghost.
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God fuckin' help us with Marty.