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week 5, friday

[ sometime after the fun morning everyone had finding body parts, jay will run into light.

jay looks exhausted, but he slows to a stop when he sees him. ]

This is going to be a long weekend.
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[Light stops and frowns at Jay. He looks tired, but that doesn't mean he can't sound indignant as well.]

I'm alive for it, at least.

[Really, dude.]
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I did. There wasn't much to help with, though. She never actually killed anyone.

[A scoff.]

Why didn't anyone tell me? Instead of targeting me outright?
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Next time, consider communication with your allies before murder.

[Because. Rude? Hypocrite.]

It almost won't matter if you do or don't. I know that the information of what you all were trying to accomplish has been leaked. Your names, too. Sooner or later, blame will swing around to me as well.

As you said, it's going to be a long weekend.
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Even if I'm outed as working with all of you? You might be overestimating their generosity.

What's your plan now?
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Like I said, it's too late for that. [A flare of something akin to irritation.] I spoke with Andersen. He knows that I was working with you all. Willingly.

[What. A. Mess.]

So we cry foul until someone decides to listen? I can't believe our strategy has devolved into something so simple.
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[It makes sense. He didn't know about the change of plans, until Yukina tried to kill him with a chainsaw.]

Regardless, the point is that he knows of my motivations. That I want to help in order to return home as quickly as possible. There's no denying it now.

So is that what I can expect then? More arguing at tomorrow's trial? Or is there another nasty surprise you intend to spring on me at the last minute?
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What were you planning?
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[Okay, and now Light's looking disappointed, but as always, it's edged with annoyance.]

And Tsurugi was the key to doing that, I assume?
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I see.

[Then that really is a lost opportunity.]

And what information have you managed to gather about this "Unclean"?
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[Wait, what.]

She is the sun? Or is your meaning that it's some kind of illusion?