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week 2, sunday

[ a few hours after the execution and ice cream party, jay will exit his room to make his way towards the kitchen. a sundae does not really substitute itself for food, so he decides to look for what he can find in the kitchen as a quick snack.

on the way there, though, he bumps into one (1) smol. ]

Oh. Hello, Clementine.
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[ Clementine is also on her way to get a snack. What luck! (the excitement about having food available never dies) ]

Hey. How are you uh... Doing? [ i mean bad, probably?? they just watched a guy die and the ice cream did not really make up for it! ]
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It's never fun to watch that stuff. And it's weird because it's so... Set-up, here. But it's still just as messy.

[ even with plans and sets and levers to do it all, it doesn't really feel any cleaner than beating someone with a crowbar. and she had kind of expected it to. ]

He changed his mind at the end.
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I want to go out fighting too. But - preferably fighting people or walkers, not... Something like that.

[ A hopeless trap. ]
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Things like this are always so tense. You can only play along until the right moment, but - usually the 'right moment' to do something is clearer.

I bet all the dead people were thinking there would be some 'right moment' to get out of it all.
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I assume he went out willingly. Hana was innocent, so if it was her voice that called him out - and I think everyone thought the first week would go without any killing. I don't know. You're right, though.

Even staying in your room - you'd have to trust your roommates.
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I also think that "knowing everyone would suspect a roommate first" makes for an okay defense.
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We should be grateful to Omega. It's only thanks to her that we've got one more clue that we didn't have before. [ she sort of hesitates because it's weird to follow that up with: ] Even if it didn't matter, this week.
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I didn't think of that.

But I wonder what sort of rules the ghost really has? If someone attacks them, can they just possess that person and escape?
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Like... Only being able to do it a couple times? Then why blow one so early?
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I... Guess that's true. And it's better to know just how bad a person we're dealing with up-front.
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How many do you think there are? In whatever alliance the ghost is in.

[ she knows that's a pretty impossible question, but. well, only 3 can make it out. ]
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[ all very good points. ] If they aren't all working towards one unified goal, any number more than three will fall apart. Even small groups can't last in conditions like this.
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It's always possible that there are people here who know more than we do. People who were given more than just extra incentives.
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That's probably the person who's more in control than Craftly.
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It seems like we need to find out more about Mother. But I doubt anyone feels comfortable bringing information forward if they've got it. Or people in the group could give fake info.
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It depends on if they're clues about this place or clues for the trials. Either way, I guess it depends on who has them.
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If they really wanted to be helpful, they would post anything they found out. That way we could all read it and use it without knowing who they are.
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That wouldn't surprise me. But even if people here are stupid, they still want to survive just as much. [ she has to believe that would motivate them to figure something out. ]