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week 4, saturday

[ some time after the trial, jay and jake will lovingly reunite in their room.

jay, to the surprise of no one, looks both agitated and tired. that sure was the longest trial of his damn life. ]

At least we caught someone again.
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But once again, it wasn't the worst one. [Even though Suzaku certainly did a violent number, the murderers of Kaiba and Aloy were literally explosive.]
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[He rubs at his eyes.] I don't like knowing there are guns unaccounted for mucking about. [Which reminds him.] I'm sorry for how the trial went, by the way. I wasn't trying to pressure Kaito. I didn't think he would do that even if he did have it.
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[He nods.] If I knew the bullets worked that way, I wouldn't have guessed it in the first place. I do think you're right. They probably didn't target Kaito specifically, just that role. If they knew Kaito had it, I think it would have made them second guess using that method, since he does get riled enough to, well, do what he did.

[Like, Jake didn't know he'd do that but he assumes someone specifically thinking through an elaborate murder would have.]
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Even lowering it that small amount still helps, I think? Every little bit helps. Though, later evidence suggests a lot of corpse dragging and, if we're honest, most of us wouldn't have the strength for that, including Kaito.

[So at least he's pretty sure Kaito would have been cleared either way.]
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The leaf bothers me. It's just a leaf but apparently it's important in some way. And we forgot the handprint so the approximation couldn't narrow it much...

[He's. Really mad at how disorganized they were this time but he knows he didn't think of anything better either, so.]
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I thought it was important but I just honestly couldn't think of how. Did you have any hunches?
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[He sighs and flops over on the bed.] I think it's more than that but I don't have a clue what. I'm still cross about the guns. I'm sorry I couldn't have been of better use.
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[He shakes his head.] Shotguns are... traumatic. They use shells rather than bullets. [He makes a circle with his index finger and thumb to give Jay an idea of the width of a shell.] They're frightfully nasty as far as the holes they blow in someone. By comparison, a handgun leaves the cleanest wounds. Some types of hunting rifle do quite a lot of damage, though, with just bullets, leaving a similar entrance wound but a very different outcome.

Of course, thanks to the fire...
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They did far too well at creating a ruckus this time. [Seriously what the fuck was this Friday??] And if they aren't the two remaining facilitators, then they have no need to murder again. They would have secured their incentives and can merrily coast through the rest of the game.
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I've been thinking... They always refer to Mother. And we know there were only 41 prepared spots for the dead, not 42. I think... we can probably assume there is one among us who is a plant, that is to say, perhaps they are knowingly or unknowingly host to a great evil.
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If that's true, though... They might not know they're a host. Though there are probably at least some tells...
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[Jake rubs his face.] Maybe... people will be more careful this upcoming week. Surely no one will be so trusting this week to be lured out...?

[Even though they aren't even sure Aloy and Kaiba were.]
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That feels so unfair though. [Even as he protests it, he knows it's a real possibility.] I know, I know, this place isn't fair, but...

[He just doesn't understand it. The longer it goes on, the less he understands it.]

If we can just be selected and suddenly wake up with a gun pointed at us, or an axe raised above our heads...

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