Jun. 12th, 2017

ninjay: (or a starting gate.)
[ sometime sunday evening, jay goes and seeks out dipper. he'll take him to some secluded part of the motel to murder him

no it's just a chat. they gotta gossip. ]

I know we just talked a few days ago, but we need to catch up.
ninjay: (tearing me apart.)
[ a few hours after the execution, jay will return to his shared room with jake (and dirk). jay decided to give him some time on his own in case other people wanted to comfort him, or if dirk was going to make out with him or something.

look he has no idea how dirk and jake do the comfort thing except for the fact that it involves a lot of petting, okay. ]

How are you holding up?
ninjay: (some foul mistakes.)
[ sometime thursday evening, but before curfew, jay is going to track down andersen. when he does find him, he will pull him aside to some remote corner.

whatever he has to talk about is obviously very urgent since he doesn't even give the dude a chance to ask what's going on before he blurts out, ]

You might have to cut off your legs.


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