Jun. 10th, 2017

ninjay: (a loaded gun.)
[ so, soon after that clusterfuck of a trial ends, the three hunters will all find their way back to room 112. even though their next meeting is just a few days away, sometimes you just can't wait that long.

as soon as the door closes behind him, jay will look at his two companions, not looking very pleased. ]

All three of us were sloppy tonight. We may have painted targets on ourselves if anyone was watching too closely.
ninjay: (but it doesn't really hurt.)
[ a little after the trial has ended, jay is still wandering around the motel, trying to cool off. he is extremely annoyed over how all of that went down and he doesn't feel like being in his room at the moment.

during these wanderings, he will run into saya! somewhere!! jay slows to a stop at the familiar face. ]

Long time no talk.
ninjay: (as the might tomcat sleeps.)
[ sometime after the trial has ended, jay still hasn't gone back to his room. he has a lot on his mind. admittedly, most of it is him silently cursing everyone at this bar because wow that was angering.

while making his way around the motel, he passes by girge! because sure. ]

That was fun.

[ no it wasn't ]
ninjay: (sleep on it one more night.)
[ a little while after the trial ends on saturday, jay can be found walking around the motel. he's not in a good mood considering how everyone ended up fighting each other for most of the trial, and even though they finally caught the ghost, jay can't really say he's proud of how they all handled it.

so, while walking, he bumps into knoll! who is... somewhere around i guess, you can pick. ]


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