Jun. 23rd, 2017

ninjay: (we screamed our agonies.)
[ sometime after the fun morning everyone had finding body parts, jay will run into light.

jay looks exhausted, but he slows to a stop when he sees him. ]

This is going to be a long weekend.
ninjay: (in this symmetry.)
[ jay is, for obvious reasons, laying low mostly after the investigation. one of the few times he slips out of 112 he just happens to run into a familiar face.

he just scowls at andersen. ]
ninjay: (this house alive.)
[ a couple of hours after investigation has wrapped up, there will be a knock on dipper's door. ]
ninjay: (what's what beneath the floorboards.)
[ a few hours after the investigation is over, jay is going to find mabel during one of the few periods where she is not attached to her brother. ]

... Hey.


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