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week 2, monday

[ when it's 10 pm and jake still hasn't returned to their room, jay starts to get... concerned. it's not really like him to be out this late, or at least jay is pretty sure he would have told him? jake's pretty polite when it comes to things like that.

so, jay sets off to do a very quick search around the premises for his missing roommate. he can't be as thorough as he would like, with the threat of curfew looming, but he hits all of the locations that are accessible and comes up empty handed.

when he finally heads back to his room, a little past 11, he spots dirk outside his door. that is... concerning? or maybe dirk was with jake, and he just dropped jake off at the room or?? something?? WHATEVER THE CASE jay hurries over. ]

Were you with Jake?
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I haven't seen him since the morning. [Which.. worries him.] Have you?

[The back of Dirk's neck is a little cut up and bandages and he doesn't look his best but he's okay.]
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[Dirk walks in after him. He stops at the doorway, though, his whole body stiffening, because Jake definitely isn't there. So where is Jake?]

One of us should stay here while the other searches the motel. If he isn't here... [Then there's the entire city, but it's so easy to lose track there.] He said he wanted to adventuring. He said he might do the locked building but I don't know if he could get in.
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[Yeah Dirk's super not moving and he also isn't answering? If Jay looks he will find that in fact, Dirk is having a hard time breathing.

Haha that's fun.]
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[Nice effort, Jay! Sadly, Dirk is definitely not having a great reaction indeed. Fear washes over him and drags him under, and he slams a hand out (hard, he'll have bruised it) against the doorframe to use it as a brace. His chest is tight and he can hear the blood in his ears. His lungs are not taking in air.

Jake is gone. Jake is gone. He isn't here, he's gone, and if he is dead he's gone and if he's out past curfew he'll probably be dead too, he's gone. He's gone, Dirk lost him. Dirk lost Jake.

He lost Jake.

Like the crash of water the regrets flood his lungs and tell him all the ways he could have stopped this, analysing every damn mistake he made. His grip on the door slips, and he does too, like he might just collapse.]
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[That is too close to a kid having a panic attack who doesn't even fully know where he is, Jay! It's pure reflex that has Dirk sweeping out an arm to knock Jay away from him, and that's transparent in the way he doesn't really look at Jay when he strikes. At least he's ramrod straight now.]

Hey. Could you please just leave me alone.
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Yeah. [He does move out of the way and just... heads towards the city. He'll look for Jake there.]
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[There's a pause and he glances back.] Yeah. Cool.

[But he has to go look at the city to at least try to find Jake.]