Jun. 21st, 2017

ninjay: (wispy whispers past the cabinets.)
[ in the late evening, jay is going to summon the scooby gang to all meet up in room 112. shit has gone down?

as soon as the door locks behind them, he will waste no time before just getting to the point. ]

Andersen told everyone about our plan.
ninjay: (when you didn't answer your phone.)
[ jay mysteriously did not spend the night in 117 on wednesday for reasons!! but on thursday, he will return to the room to find jake in it. he pauses near the door after shutting it behind him, and makes no move to get further into the room. ]

You spoke to Andersen the other day, correct?
ninjay: ('cause i don't wanna know.)
[ this is honest to god the worst week, of all time, of anything ever, so when chie approaches jay to talk privately, the kill bill sirens are ringing pretty heavily in his head and he doesn't even know what a movie is.

they'll go to chie's room since it's empty. ]

Yes, Chie?


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