Jun. 4th, 2017

ninjay: (what's what beneath the floorboards.)
[ a few hours after the execution and ice cream party, jay will exit his room to make his way towards the kitchen. a sundae does not really substitute itself for food, so he decides to look for what he can find in the kitchen as a quick snack.

on the way there, though, he bumps into one (1) smol. ]

Oh. Hello, Clementine.
ninjay: (and i lost the will to fight.)
[ a few hours after the execution is over, jay is wandering around the motel to find something to do. the ice cream, unfortunately, could not get rid of the bad taste in his mouth that was left from watching kamui get killed in that way, so he figures a distraction would be nice.

he crosses paths with kaiba near the pool area, because i just decided that right now. ]

Kaiba. [ he nods his head in greeting. ]


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