ninjay: (born near the blood red sun.)
jay oresorenson ([personal profile] ninjay) wrote2017-06-14 02:09 pm
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week 4, thursday

[ considering some recent developments, the hunters decide to go talk to craftly the morning following their meeting with girge. even though they don't believe he's lying, it's still best to have craftly actually confirm what was told to them, and this isn't really the kind of thing that can wait until monday.

jay had stopped by the front desk early on, asking the innkeeper to meet them in the curio shop as soon as possible. that's where they are all now, and it's a little odd to be inside without having to chop off a random body part. ]

We spoke to Girge yesterday. He told us something... interesting, to say the least.

[ he glances at his fellow hunters. ]

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