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2017-05-29 10:59 am
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week 1, sunday

[ a couple of hours after everyone had woken up back in their rooms after the execution, jay finally ventures out of his room to see what's going on at the rest of the motel. he's not really in the mood to talk to anyone in the moment, mostly because he figures that his patience for back to back conversations regarding #trauma is going to get too much after a while.

despite that, he pauses mid-step when he comes across light in the lounge. ]

You've had quite a morning.

[ understatement. ]
ninjay: (some scars heal.)
2017-05-29 10:00 pm
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week 2, monday

[ when it's 10 pm and jake still hasn't returned to their room, jay starts to get... concerned. it's not really like him to be out this late, or at least jay is pretty sure he would have told him? jake's pretty polite when it comes to things like that.

so, jay sets off to do a very quick search around the premises for his missing roommate. he can't be as thorough as he would like, with the threat of curfew looming, but he hits all of the locations that are accessible and comes up empty handed.

when he finally heads back to his room, a little past 11, he spots dirk outside his door. that is... concerning? or maybe dirk was with jake, and he just dropped jake off at the room or?? something?? WHATEVER THE CASE jay hurries over. ]

Were you with Jake?