ninjay: (when you didn't answer your phone.)
[ jay mysteriously did not spend the night in 117 on wednesday for reasons!! but on thursday, he will return to the room to find jake in it. he pauses near the door after shutting it behind him, and makes no move to get further into the room. ]

You spoke to Andersen the other day, correct?
ninjay: (are you spirit.)
[ some time after the trial, jay and jake will lovingly reunite in their room.

jay, to the surprise of no one, looks both agitated and tired. that sure was the longest trial of his damn life. ]

At least we caught someone again.
ninjay: (tearing me apart.)
[ a few hours after the execution, jay will return to his shared room with jake (and dirk). jay decided to give him some time on his own in case other people wanted to comfort him, or if dirk was going to make out with him or something.

look he has no idea how dirk and jake do the comfort thing except for the fact that it involves a lot of petting, okay. ]

How are you holding up?
ninjay: (those breakdown days are done.)
[ jay returned to the room tuesday night extremely late and covered in what appears to be blood and guts. the left sleeve of his shirt was also torn, as if something clawed or bit through it. if jake had tried to get anything out of him, he would only have answered with a "not now" before immediately going into the bathroom to get less fucking gross and then he promptly went the fuck to sleep.

on wednesday he spent the day primarily holed up in the room, sleeping for most of the day. he does not explain what the hell happen until about evening when he finally looks towards jake. ]

Hey. I need your help with something.
ninjay: (far worse.)
[ when 11:00 hits after the execution, jay's eyes open slowly. there's a second where he just squints blearily at the ceiling before it suddenly hits, and then he's sitting up so quickly that the blanket he was so kindly tucked into falls off him.

once he confirms that he is indeed back in room 117, he turns towards jake's bed to see if his roommate is also awake or even, like, there in the first place. his mind is still racing with all the images that he witnessed at the lake, but he has other people he need to check on right now as well. ]

Jake. [ while his voice isn't loud, it's firm, like his intent is waking the other teen in case he is asleep. ]


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