ninjay: ('cause i don't wanna know.)
[ this is honest to god the worst week, of all time, of anything ever, so when chie approaches jay to talk privately, the kill bill sirens are ringing pretty heavily in his head and he doesn't even know what a movie is.

they'll go to chie's room since it's empty. ]

Yes, Chie?
ninjay: (just kicking and screaming.)
[ some time after dipper and mabel have been found and have received medical treatment, the four of them will end up in chie's room. it's convenient since she's the only one without a roommate, thanks kaiba.

once they're all inside, jay will immediately look at the twins. ]

What happened?

[ is his voice slightly more gentle than it usually is when he's addressing them??? no you're just imagining it. ]
ninjay: (our sordid hearts.)
[ a few hours after the investigation wraps up, jay will make his way to room 108 and knock on the door.

if no one shows up he'll just leave because this isn't that important, but. he figured he should check on things. ]


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